My wandering soul.
How you desire to float free
from the confines of concrete and glass.
Across the vast ocean
where water ebbs and flows
And moves to the rhythm of your heart.

Soul, you long to feel the life-giving force
of water between your fingers.
To fall into stillness on a vessel that rocks
to the beat of your heart.
To let the waves guide you into the unknown
where the ocean and sky become one.

Soul, you wish to find harmony situated between
the birds silhouetted high in the aqua sky
And the marine life shadowed in the indigo sea.
The union of nature, creatures, and humans
brought together in worship of their creator.

My wandering soul.
May you learn to find this harmony
even within the confines of the concrete towers.
For it’s in this harmony that we find the simplicity
Of love and life that our creator intended.
May your soul not have to be lost at sea
To find the rhythm of your heart.