06 Apr 2020

About Anchored in the Evergreens

I’m a recent transplant to sunny Arizona all the way from the state of Washington. Wherever life takes me, my heart will always be anchored in the evergreens of the pacific northwest.

Growing up in Washington for 20 years, I fell in love with the beautiful state complete with oceans, lakes, mountains, and evergreen trees. It’s where I found my addiction for activity and adventure – whether it’s hiking, paddleboarding, running, cycling, adventuring, or finding a new delicious restaurant. It’s where I met my handsome husband – Tim! We’ve been married since 2013, and we’re parents to an adorable dog named Kuma. I’m still working on that second dog, friends! 😉

Life brought us to Arizona April 2019, and I can’t wait to explore and adventure in my new state.

I started Anchored in the Evergreens, a running and lifestyle blog, to connect with and hopefully inspire others on their journey towards a balance of adventure, fitness, and healthy living in order to create fuller life. I believe life is best lived outdoors – whether on land or water – and that fitness can be a natural part of our lives. I’m a sucker for whole food, a delicious glass of red wine, beautiful mid-century modern design, animals, and unvisited cities begging to be explored.

I would love to stay in touch! Please feel free to email me at lizfilion at gmail dot com, or find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, I'm a Runner

One of my favorite things to do is run! I’m an achiever by nature – I love to take on new things, research, ask questions, watch others, then practice, practice, practice! When I graduated college, it was the first time in my life where I felt completely free to choose something new to learn about. Sure, I’m in a career field (ecommerce and digital marketing) which is continuously changing and requiring me to learn and adjust – but I felt a void. What could I try that I had never done before? I started with a sprint triathlon, which led to a half marathon, which led to another half marathon… and well let’s just say it’s now been three years since I started that running journey and as of November 2017, I’ve completed 12 half marathons and two full marathons. The sport I once hated has now forced its way into my life, and I love it.

In 2018, I finally got a diagnosis for an injury I’ve been chasing down for three years. Compartment Syndrome. I had surgery October 2018 and I’m back on track with running! October 2019 Chicago Marathon here I come!

I hope that my words will encourage you to challenge yourself in running, whether you’re already in love with it or just starting out. Why? Because I think running and healthy living opens up opportunities to live a bolder, fuller life!

Running makes you feel more alive. No matter your speed or style, you end up in a happier place after you run. Running….

  • is a place where you can find meditation, stillness, and gratitude
  • is a place where life’s stresses fade away
  • is a place where you can find a spiritual connection through worship and prayer
  • is a place to create great friendships
  • builds confidence
  • teaches us we are stronger then we think
  • leads to a healthier body

I do advocate that everyone CAN learn to love running if they’re open to the initial challenge. However, I know that running is not something everyone wants to do. So my hope for you is that you can find some physical activity that simultaneously fosters spiritual, physical, and mental growth, even if that activity is something other than running!

So there you have it! Hopefully, as you read about my running adventures, it will encourage you to choose a healthy, active lifestyle. In doing so, I think you will be inspired to create, eat, and explore boldly, and it even may convince you to visit the city I love!

See you out their on the road!

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