My 8 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Schedule

Less than a week away from my first Sprint Triathlon! Eeee! On Sunday I’ll working my way to the finish line of the TriFreaks Kirkland Traithlon with my friend Carlee. Key word is finishing.  The times I’ve been in the best shape of my life have been when I’m working towards a goal – a wedding, a volleyball season, and the Hot Yoga 30 Day Challenge. So while bored sitting in Seattle traffic one day, I decided it was a great idea to work towards a sprint triathlon (seems a little crazy looking back).

Sprint Triathlon: 1/2 Mile Swim, 14 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run

When I decided to do a sprint triathlon, I was just 9 weeks away from the last sprint triathlon in the area! It was pretty difficult to find a training schedule that fit the smaller timeline. Most timelines I found were at least 12 weeks, so I found a few training schedules and modified them to fit my 9 week timeline (minus one week for vacation).

I’ve felt great about this training schedule. I’ve been lenient about switching trainings when I couldn’t make it down to the lake or pool for a swim, but I’m feeling as prepared as I could be for my first Sprint Triathlon.

Here’s the schedule! I’ll keep you posted on how the race goes and what else I used to prepare.

8 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Schedule

Download the schedule here and adjust it to your own schedule.

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